Suzuka University Graduate School of International Studies, Department of Global Society

Cultivating flexible and strong “knowledge” that is not at the mercy of the times or social change


The Graduate School of International Studies at Suzuka University is committed to education and research, playing a role in connecting, linking, and expanding local and international communities.
Our goal is to nurture human resources capable of exploring solutions to issues facing the region, Japan, and the world, and envisioning the future.
While responding quickly and flexibly to changes in the times and society, we hope to nurture flexible and strong “knowledge” that will not be at the mercy of change.

Mariko Tomimoto, Dean of the Graduate School

Four Divisions of Department of Global Society

International Social Studies
In this department, research is conducted based on the academic fields of political science, history, environmental studies, and anthropology. Students will analyze and discuss topics in the rapidly changing international society, and derive intellectual solutions that can be applied to the real world.
Business Management Studies
In this department, we aim to propose solutions to issues demanded by local communities using the methods of economics and business administration. Students will derive the optimal fusion of theory and practice from phenomena that arise in the real world.
Tourism and Hospitality Studies
In this department, students aim to conduct research that leads to diverse discoveries and proactive actions toward a sustainable society, while relating tourism-related phenomena to complex factors such as economics, management, history, culture, and the environment.
International Sports Management Studies
In this department, students will deepen their research on marketing strategies specific to the sports business and organizational analysis based on motivation and leadership theories.

Admission Requirements for International Students

Admissions Eligibility(First Grade Admission)

Students who meet all of the following conditions (1 to 3) are eligible to apply.

Application Documents

Admissions Eligibility(Third Grade Transfer Admission)

Application Documents

International student entrance examination schedule
(1st grade admission/3rd grade transfer)

Application Period Date of Examination Date of Result Announcement
September 1st~13th, 2023 September 23th September 29th
October 19th~November 1st November 11st November 27th
January 25th~February 7th, 2024 February 17th February 23th
February 22th~March 6th, 2024 March 14th March 19th
Autum Admission May 8th~June28th, 2024 as occasion demands as occasion demands

If you are interested in applying and have any questions, please contact the Admissions Office by e-mail.